solution: scrambled

Solution to the encoded text problem.
iwu vlgTc nmeah kfp rzeboe tyqr xdh duoj oeo
It contains 36 letters .
As in the given hint you can use matrix encryption algorithm make it a 6x6 matrix.
 i   w   u   v   l   g
T   c   n   m  e   a
h   k   f    p   r    z
e   b   o   e   t    y
q   r   x   d    h   d 
u   o   j   o    e    o
Now take the transpose of the matrix.
i    T   h   e    q   u
w  c   k    b    r   o
u   n   f    o   x    j
v   m  p   e    d   o
l    e   r    t     h   e
g   a   z   y    d   o
Now you can almost see the step to be performed.
Shift the first column to the left means put the first column at the right most end.
T   h   e   q    u   i
c   k    b   r    o  w
n   f    o   x    j   u
m  p   e   d   o   v
e   r    t    h   e   l
a   z   y   d   o   g
Now arrange the matrix as per the sequence given in the original code with equivalent combination of words.
The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog.
We got the message decoded following the above steps.
These steps are not mandatory or specific. You can design your own encryption procedure.
You can get the same message by following different steps also. 


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