How to fold it ??

I just came across a book named "HOW TO FOLD IT" by Joseph O'Rourke.
And I find it very interesting and there is a problem which states:
Fold a square paper such that you can cut an equilateral triangle with one cut with a scissor.

For example :
Cutting a square with one cut:
Fold it from diagonal like this
Fold it from another diagonal again
Then cut straight and you will get a square

Observed the example. Now try to do with a equilateral triangle in a square
For solution click here.


  1. 1st fold the paper to half.. then fold it along the line joining the centroid and one of the vertices. you will get your cut-line.

    1. its a plain paper abhisek and you donot have pencil and other things . you just have a paper and a scissor to cut.

    2. Find out how to find the another vertex of equilateral triangle with just folding the paper


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