Running a VPN (Virtual Private Network) for FREE

I think most of you know what a VPN is. For those who don't know a VPN is a method of creating a private network over the public network (INTERNET) and provide another gateway to the sites which we want to access. It also helps in protecting privacy and use protocols which might be blocked by some networks.
Requirements: OpenVPN software and a .ovpn configuration file.
OpenVPN software is available for PC, Android and iOS.
For PC: Click here to download. or go here for the latest version.
For Android: Download from PlayStore.
For iOS: Download from AppStore.
For the ovpn configuration file goto the site VPNGate here. This is an Academic Experiment of University of Tsukuba which provides free VPN services.
Steps for PC:
1. Install OpenVPN software.
2. Put the ovpn file in the config folder in the installation directory.
3. Run as administrator.
4. Right click and connect.
If you are behind squid catching proxy servers then use the ovpn files with port 443.
For Android:
1. Install from play store.
2. Download the ovpn file.
3. In the app select import from top right menu.
4. Select ovpn file.
5. Press connect.
For iOS:
1. Install from AppStore.
2. Transfer the ovpn file from the computer to iPhone via iTunes.
3. Goto apps tab in iTunes sync. Drop the ovpn file in the sharing window.
4. Goto the app and connect.
Next Post will be about use of VPNs.


  1. i am from iit ....can i run steam after this on pc

    1. yeah, you can run steam after connecting to VPN. But beware that the speed is not very fast, so it is better if you have the game downloaded and installed beforehand rather than downloading via VPN.

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