Install an Operating System without a Bootable USB or DVD

With frequent installer of new versions of Operating System like me who always likes to update to the latest version there always has to be a pen drive. But there is a catch. I already lost so many pen drives. It has become a habit to lose the tiny things which contain little but important data. After watching the Microsoft event on January 21 I wanted to install the Windows 10 Technical Preview again but I didn't have a pen drive. It was already 2 AM in the morning and I can't go asking others for a pen drive. So I thought that is it possible to do without a bootable USB. In case of a PC it is just a matter of having boot sequence start from the C drive partition in normal bootup or a bootable USB in case of installing a new OS. It is easy to change the boot sequence from Hard Disk to USB in BIOS during startup. Then I stumbled upon an article where it was mentioned how to change the boot disk[1]. It was same as choosing an OS to boot when you have multiple OS installed. The process is as follows.

1. The ISO file of the OS.
2. A partition other than the partition you want to install the OS in.(Prefereably a partion of 8GB[Size of  a Pendrive])
3. You are in the Windows OS while doing this.

1. Extract the ISO file to the PenDrive Partition. [Mount the disk and copy the content to the PenDrive Partition.]
2. Open command prompt with admin privileges. [You can do it by right clicking on the Start Menu and Selecting Command Prompt (Admin). OR type cmd in search box, right click and Run as Administrator.]
3. Now type
4. In the DISKPART> prompt type
            list disk
5. Select the disk which contains the PenDrive Partition by
            select disk {disknumber}
6. disknumber is most probably 0 if you don't have any External Hard Disks Attached. Then type
            list partition
7. Find the partition number of PenDrive Partition. Then do
            select partition {partitionnumber}
8. Correctly select the partition number, otherwise there will be problems in startup. To make sure there are no confusion check the exact size of  the partition and don't create two partitions of same size.Then do
9. Restart your computer. It will boot from the PenDrive Partition and then choose the new partition to install the OS.

Check out the following if you have done any mistakes during the process.
FAQ: I accidentally(Purposefully) deleted(formatted) the PenDrive partition along with the boot directory. My computer is not starting up. What do I do?
Ans. Now you definitely need a bootable USB or an Installation Media (e.g. DVD) of windows and then do start-up repair instead of installation.
FAQ: I want to dual boot my Computer and want to have the older OS. What should I do?
Ans. Check out my other Blog Post about dual boot.

1.Change Partition


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